\ Boxplay - TWS API in Excel VBA

some rant before you download

I just wrote a whole damn essay explaining what this spreadsheet does, and I realize sourceforge just limited it down to like 250 words to describe your project.

Because this pisses me off, you are gonna have to download and see for yourself what this baby does. I put it 4 months of hard work deciphering and reverse engineering the original TWSExample.xls which is was rather very difficult to follow and read and trying to figuring out the even bare essentials of how they were trying to submit orders (its not pretty because just to send a single order out, it requires like 6~10 lines of full code from far left to the far right side of your page, yes its that horrible).

what else? hmmm, INTERACTIVE BROKERS API IS NOT EVEN COMPLETE! I had to snoop around google for a few days until I uncovered hist! function. Merci Beacoup, monsieur, and a finger to IB for not finishing. Okay i am too harsh, the last time I cracked this spreadsheet open was like....February 2008. Hopefully lot has changed since then. But I got a LOT of emails from people begging me to upload it....so I am guessing the situation HAS NOT BEEN IMPROVED.

The code u read is pretty chaotic. is it my fault? possibly. but note even sending out a single order is not as simple as Metatrader's MQL. Its horrid....but if you are determined individual you may figure it out

Still lost? I might be able to provide some support. I can set up a virtual private server with something like this running. I can also explain what each line does and so on. Descent rates contact me at jjk2@sfu.ca

I dont know how to upload stuff on sourceforge.net. so heres the link to download it. i had to write this in nano editor on ssh.


some screenshots